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Ability, quality and reliability at prices that won’t break the bank are all important to us. You can trust us as a building maintenance provider, thanks to over 10 years’ experience.

We’re a roofing repair company, catering for all kinds of roof repairs to both residential and commercial clients, and have been doing so for the last decade or so. Our TMG professionals can handle all types of roofing works – you can rest assured no job is too big or small for them.

We take pride in providing a reliably skilled, kindly service to a whole host of individual, commercial and retail clients across the UK. From warehouses, to heritage buildings, to schools, we’d love to help with whatever roofing problem you have.

What Roofing Repairs Can You Perform?

We offer all of the following roofing repairs at very competitive rates! See below for some of the services we offer:

·         Leaking Guttering

General maintenance of your roof and gutters will ensure your entire gutter system works properly and helps reach its maximum life expectancy.

·         Loose Downpipes

Sometimes a roof’s downpipes can get loose, often because of the connecting bolt. Another reason can be a missing or loose wall plug, possibly caused by harsh weather conditions. We can assist in rectifying this all-too-common roof problem.

·         Blocked Hoppers

Often, a blocked hopper (the open box at the top of a downpipe that collects and channels water from guttering or pipes at high level) or downpipe causes waster to back up and overflow.

·         Fascia and Soffit and Repairs

Fascias and soffits are sometimes neglected, however, they’re extremely important when it comes to aiding in the drainage of rainwater or snowmelt from your roof. We can take on a clad-over job or a full replacement, depending on your individual requirements and budget.

·         Tile Replacements

Roof tiles may need replacing perhaps because of general wear and tear or a tree branch falling onto the roof. We provide an efficient repair and replacement service for individual roof tiles.

·         Stone Tile Repairs

We deliver an excellent stone tile repair service, including fixing holes, cracks or replacing broken roof tiles.

·         Slate Replacements

Replacing missing or broken roof tiles is a key part of roof maintenance and timely repairs will often prevent rain water getting into the timber or roofing felt below.

·         Roof Leak Repairs

When water gets into a property, there’s the potential risk of electrical damage as well as harm to the building’s structure. This can result in expensive drying out and corrective works.

·         Felt and Batten Repairs

Roof battens are used to provide the fixing point for roofing materials, like shingles or tiles. Felt is the base material used to make roof shingles and roll roofing. Sometimes, both of these may be damaged by strong winds and often need to fixed.

·         Flat Roof Repairs

The domestic and commercial flat roofing we fit is incredibly flexible and perfect for both industrial and trade purposes.

·         Lead Flashing Repairs

Lead flashing can often crack and split, due to expanding in the heat and shrinking in the cold. This expansion and contraction can trigger the splits and cracks, causing it to weaken and sag. We can perform lead flashing repairs safely and effectively to prolong the life of your roof.

·         Roof Cleaning

Algae, moss and lichen are common causes of roofs getting dirty. We offer a full roof cleaning and restoration service, to ensure yours is in tiptop condition.

Expert Roofing Contractors with Over a Decade of Experience

We’re used to working with all kinds of committees, architects, quantity surveyors and departments. What’s more, we have experience working in numerous high security areas and our employees are fully up to date with all the latest procedures and regulations.

Why Use a Roof Repairs and Maintenance Company?

·         Specialist roof repairs help upkeep the structure of a building

·         Enhance the roof line expectancy and safety of the building

·         Improve the look of a building

Our Roofing Repair and Maintenance Service Includes:

·         Warehouse roofing contractors

·         School and college roof repairs and maintenance

·         Office roof maintenance

·         Shop roof repairs

·         And much, much more

Roofing Quotes

If you need a roofing maintenance or repair quotation, give our friendly team a call today on 01582 439762 or drop us a line at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a consultation.


We also offer a full range of other services, including emergency lighting, access platforms, insurance works, redecoration works, window replacement, flooring solutions and much more.