Property Management is integral to the services that TMG offer and we understand the wide range of requirements and demands from various stakeholders within this industry, such as:

> Residents Associations > Resident Directors > Local Authorities
> Neighbouring Properties > Property Managers

TMG are well placed to assist you in meeting your needs in all situations.

From planned services such as building maintenance, cleaning contracts and gardening services for those properties that require a steady and planned approach to other reactive and more immediate requirements such as water leaks, graffiti and electrical faults; we understand that speed and a willingness to work with various parties to resolve a particular problem is required. TMG can help you with this.

We appreciate Commercial Property Management has varied but equally important demands and would be happy to assist you in reducing your workload by focusing on:

Transparency – With Leasehold Valuation Tribunals and various stakeholders on each development, we believe that providing Work Reports on larger or complicated jobs such as roof repairs or works requiring several planned visits is a valuable way to resolve queries and provide a clear understanding of what is required or has been carried out. We endeavour to record all works with before and after photos and can provide maintenance or cleaning reports on each work programme undertaken which can also detail materials used, time taken and visit dates.

Customer Service – At times it may be necessary to have the appointed contractor with you at a meeting or to liaise with a particular resident contact. We can offer this prior to, during or after works are completed and will always remain professional, knowledgeable and focused on the customer.

Reasonable Costs – We appreciate that you have a responsibility to control expenditure, which is why we ensure we monitor our costs to keep you updated on larger works, talk to you on budgeting specific works and would be pleased to form part of a tender process to ensure value for money.

Communication & Understanding of the Sector – Communication with your various stakeholders is often time consuming. With an understanding of the current legislation, the lease or transfer for the property we are able to assist you with this. Our knowledge of this sector sets us apart from our competitors in this industry.

For your developments that require a tailored service we can offer site inspections, maintenance contracts or advice on projects or budgeting requirements.

Let us help you in providing a great property management service to your customers. To view our full range of services, please click here