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Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:39

Importance of security maintenance within properties

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It is important to ensure that all properties, whether they are domestic or commercial, have the correct security measures. Having appropriate security will make sure that people and possessions are kept safe and deter vandals and intruders.Target Maintenance GB Ltd offer a wide range of security services for commercial and domestic properties.



Commercial premises are a key target for criminals as they may have computers and expensive good in them. Therefore, it is essential to implement and maintain security measures such as CCTV and door entry systems. It’s not only retail properties that need security measures but also independent shops, companies and homeowners.

Locks and door entry systems are particularly essential to prevent burglars from gaining access to a building. Windows are another security measure that can stop thieves from entering the property. Double glazed, secure windows fitted with locks are valuable features. Blinds can also stop thieves from viewing valuable contents within the property and deter them from trying to steal any equipment.

Alarms are great for scaring off thieves as criminals are unlikely to get away after it goes off. An alarm will let people and surrounding buildings know that something is wrong. Making alarms visible are also a good idea as they will warn burglars that the building has firm security measures in place before they even contemplate burgling.

There are many ways to boost your security and reduce the need to call on your insurance policy. Some of the security maintenance services that Target Maintenance GB Ltd offer include:

·         Lock and door repairs and replacements


It essential that you get a broken lock replaced and fitted as quickly as possible to prevent your property appearing vulnerable and easy to access. Target Maintenance GB Ltd have a quick response time and can also work with padlocks and coded lock fittings to ensure that your property is safe and secure again. Doors are the main entry point for burglars so should be repaired or replaced with sturdy frames.


·         Dummy CCTV

CCTV cameras will deter criminals from your property straight away. Just the look of CCTV will put off burglars. Therefore, dummy CCTV cameras are a fantastic security measure to protect a domestic or commercial property. If people believe that they are being filmed, they are far less likely to break the law. They are an effective, cheap way of putting off criminals and do not need the maintenance that working CCTV cameras need. It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between a dummy CCTV camera and a genuine one.

·         Door entry systems

A secure door entry system will significantly improve the security of your building. There are all sorts of door entry systems available with Target Maintenance GB Ltd, from simple voice models to complex video systems. There is an appropriate entry system for any type of property to let visitors in or for regular workers to gain access. These systems are one of the most effective ways of showing criminals that the building is secure and monitored. Deciding who comes in and out of a property will ensure that valuables are kept safe from strangers.


There are so many ways to prevent property theft and vandalism with simple security measures and secure windows and doors.  Whether its maintenance services you need or you want to improve the security of your building by implementing new security measures, Target Maintenance GB Ltd professional services can help.

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