TMG provides facilities and maintenance services to the commercial and residential property industry and has an established reputation as a reliable, efficient and cost effective contractor.

We specialise in working with the property management service sector and commercial partners, and with the business originally established in 2005, we have grown to tailor our services to other property related sectors such as commercial, retail and leisure, social housing, insurance and lettings.

With a wide geographical area covering London, the Midlands, East Anglia and the South East of England, we are set up to provide both fast, reactive assistance and planned longer term contract services to suit the needs of our customers.

Our service is based upon four core values:

1. Transparent 2. Customer Focused 3. Professional 4. Knowledgeable

With extensive knowledge of Property Management and its associated demands and requirements, our staff communicate and provide advice with all clients and customers in mind. This is achieved through our values as follows:


All members of staff complete Work Reports whilst on site which are sent back to our office in real-time. This records all visits on site, materials used, before and after photos and tasks completed on every job. On complex works or where required, we will send you a copy of our full Work Report detailing the photos taken on site.

Customer Focus

We are aware your customer is ultimately our customer. We are mindful of ensuring all stakeholders are thought of during each completed job. We will communicate with you and your customers to make sure everyone is aware of the works that may be required.


The Directors and staff of TMG have a broad range of skills pertinent to the particular sector you operate within. With over 40 years of engineering background, project management, high-level access equipment knowledge and over 13 years actual Property Management experience, we have skills that are invaluable to you to assist with your work. We understand and appreciate the challenges you face and are happy to help you.


We hold various appropriate qualifications, our team are uniformed, operate in a professional manner and provide an honest, reliable service to your clients and customers.